What you can expect on an Art & Culture Tour:

You’ll visit major collections in well-known museums as well as private artist studios and smaller galleries, with the opportunity to observe artists and craftsmen while they work.  You may even explore the artist within by taking a painting or sculpture class from local instructors. You’ll hear music of all kinds. From folk music to contemporary, from rock to classical, you’ll attend music festivals and intimate performances. While you’ll have the opportunity to hear performances that you may be familiar to, we will also expand your listening experience by providing access to sounds that may be new and different.


What you can expect on a Food and Wine Tour:

You’ll taste traditional foods and local dishes with stories attached to the ingredients and preparation. You’ll meet the preparers of food, from wine and cheese makers to food artisans and farmers. You’ll sit down to dinner with culinary experts who will share their stories as you witness the passion they have for their craft.  You may explore local markets, walk through vineyards and visit a private home to taste “homemade” cuisine. You’ll experience a country’s culture, its values and rituals, by experiencing its food.



What you can expect on a Nature & Adventure Tour:

You’ll experience light hiking to see great vistas, leisurely bike rides and relaxing river rafting. You may also experience horseback rides on the beach, ziplining through lush forests or cave tubing. We’ll select activities that will leave you and your group energized and connected and that will showcase natural beauty and wildlife. There are no extreme activities on our tours!

If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and ignore the people, you might better stay home.
— James Michener