Who We Are

Live Life Tours caters to small groups of like-minded travelers who want an authentic travel experience.   We personalize our trips and pair you with knowledgeable local guides to create a meaningful adventure you will not soon forget. Our trips immerse you in local culture and customs and are focused on art & culture, food & wine and art & nature.  Let's talk about your trip!


If you enjoy the arts and are always seeking new experiences to broaden your listening and viewing horizons, this tour is sure to delight you. If you seek live performances as well as meeting artists, dancers, musicians or you may be an artist or musician yourself looking to enrich your own work, get ready to meet your match. This tour is rich in history and  about local customs and rituals.



People who love our Nature & Adventure Tours like to connect with nature and take a break from hurried city living. If you prefer to experience the authentic culture and adventure of a new place, you would flourish on these tours. Enjoy bird watching and wildlife, embrace new cultures, and hike through beautiful countrysides and mountains.


Our Food & Wine Tours are for all of us who love learning about different culinary culture and wine.  For us, eating is an adventure. We like knowing where our food and wine comes from, its history and details about how it’s made. If you enjoy a glass of wine while cooking and  socializing with friends followed by a rich, delicious meal, this tour is perfect for you.